Final call for City Mo-venturers

THE TIME has come, chaps. With just one day remaining before December descends, The Capitalist is issuing a final call for you to perfect your furry upper lips and send us your best Movember efforts.

As a reward for your month of extra grooming – as well as enduring sideways looks in the street – we’re giving you a chance to win a hair cut and products courtesy of Kings Road salon Lockonego.

To be in with a chance of winning, send your pics to by the end of tomorrow – and watch this space to see who is crowned as our Movember 2013 winner.

Good luck – and may the best (or worst) lip rug win.

■During a discussion about the lack of women in finance yesterday, European Central Bank board member Jorg Asmussen shared a rare personal anecdote to clarify his views. On the idea that women are more risk averse than men in finance, Asmussen said: “My anecdotal evidence as a father of two young ladies age 6 and 5 proves to the contrary that females do behave hazardously on playgrounds.” The policy implications of Asmussen’s comments are unclear.