Letters to the Editor - 27/11 - London housing, Payday loan cap, Best of Twitter

London housing

The mayor’s efforts to encourage more housing are to be welcomed. But unless he is given further powers over planning, developers will continue to find resistance among London’s councils, which all have their own interpretations of planning policy. Some are more forward-thinking than others. But with a rapidly-growing population and a severe lag in the number of homes being built, those councils failing to ensure enough new homes are being built are letting London down. This is not about giving developers a free reign, but weighing up the needs of new homes required, and understanding the financial constraints developers face.

Bob Weston, Weston Homes


Payday loan cap

[Re: Coalition plans loan cost cap on payday lenders, yesterday]

The vilification of payday lenders based on annual interest of almost 6,000 per cent is misleading. Loan periods are a maximum of 42 days at most firms.

Name Withheld

It’s a tad ironic that a chancellor who is basing his economic recovery on a debt bubble is now restraining people’s ability to borrow. It’s doubly worrying when you consider that the hideous tax regime he operates drives people to seek debt as a solution in the first place.

Ian Edwards



US housing permits, leading indicator of growth, rose to the highest level since 2008 in October.

Alex Salmond is bold. But I don’t see how how he thinks he can keep the pound.

By failing to answer many vital questions, Alex Salmond’s White Paper makes the case for Union.

A deal with Iran that Israel and Saudi Arabia like is not doable. A deal they can live with is another matter.

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