Piggybanks back to hog children’s cash

FOR all those mums and dads wanting their junior spenders to start hogging their cash, NatWest has a squeally good idea.

The bank, which clearly has no desire to reinvent the wheel, is giving away a piggybank – now dubbed a Pigbybank – to young savers.

And if something else is looking a bit familiar, perhaps it’s because the bank is launching a new range of porcine characters inspired by the bank’s iconic porkers of the 1980s.

But it’s not all old ideas saving their bacon, according to NatWest.

Pigby and friends, based on the competition-winning drawings of 13-year-old Kwamina Longdon, have been updated by Wallace and Gromit makers Aardman Animations for the bank’s educational app, out next month.

First Saver account holders get one per cent interest up to £25,000 but perhaps the real money may come from collecting Pigby and pals. The six pigs given out in the 80s for every £25 saved have sold as a set at auction for over £800.