Horror on the dancefloor as Ed reveals his pop picks

IT’S CHIC to be geek – or at least that was the message that Ed Miliband was keen to peddle on yesterday’s Desert Island discs.

The Labour leader unapologetically told host Kirsty Young about his “really embarrassing dancing” to A-ha’s Take On Me at school discos, and said it was no wonder he didn’t have a girlfriend until after university as he was “pretty square”.

One sort of dancing he did admit to, though, was dancing round his brother, David, when it came to discussing the leadership race in 2010. “We probably danced around it a bit because neither of us was desperate to confront it, I suppose.”

Perhaps most telling though was his final choice – once he’d subjected the audience to Robbie Williams’ Angels and Neil Diamond’s Sweet Caroline, that is. Miliband’s eighth disc was a popular one among castaways – Edith Piaf’s Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien. Sure about that, Ed?