Letters to the Editor - 25/11 - Broken promises, Party change, Best of Twitter

Broken promises

[Re: Osborne’s budget deficit is going down but progress is slow, Friday]
Thank you for reminding the chancellor about his pledge to increase the inheritance tax threshold. This (so far) broken promise leaves a bitter taste for self-reliant people who want their children and grandchildren to have a better standard of life. The Conservatives need to get such voters back on their side. Inheritance tax also destroys the country’s capital stock, and uses it for current government spending. If more inheritance was left in the hands of the people, it would provide the seed capital for all sorts of new enterprises.

John Hill


Party change

[Re: Would dividing up the Tories help the Right to win the coming general election? Thursday]
Regardless of the merits of Nick Boles’s specific proposal for a National Liberal Party attached to the Conservatives, the Tories have to woo an especially fragmented electoral base in the coming election. Not only do they face the task of mopping up Lib Dem deserters, but Ukip is rising on the other flank. Alliances with new liberal-minded minded groups may work in some constituencies, but different arrangements would be required in others. Breaking up the party at a regional level may be the only answer. We need many Tory affiliates.

Name Withheld



Gross: Betting on Federal fund rate at 0.25 per cent in 2016 is close to a sure fire winner.

ECB gesticulation funny as ever, but most important news last week was German minimum wage.

Yahoo stock value is 75 per cent Asian assets, 25 per cent Marissa Mayer.” – Topeka Cap Markets analyst

Those capital controls in Cyprus are still in place. Nice and temporary then.