Any other business - 21/11

Airplane meals are not particularly tasty, but it seems a bit excessive to pack a lunch for your flight. When the cleaners of a Jet Airways plane stumbled across two lunch boxes stashed in the toilets they assumed they were bombs. However, on closer inspection the boxes turned out to contain 12 gold bars each. Airline staff have now been told to be on high alert for passengers spending too long in the loo.

Though the British Red Cross’s Guildhall Christmas market is now closed, bids for the silent auction are still being accepted until tomorrow at 9pm. Prizes range from the luxurious ­­– an eight course dinner at Benihana at the Grange St Paul’s, and a two night stay at the Chiltern’s Lambert Arms – to the unique, including an afternoon tour of the Old Bailey and chance to sit in on a live trial, or a champagne guided tour of the Lord Mayor’s London residence, Mansion House. But The Capitalist’s favourite lot – if any kind readers are keen to donate to a very good cause, of course - has to be the handcrafted, life size, chocolate sculpture of Batman, created by chocolatier Aneesh Popat. Bidding is online at