Letters to the Editor - 15/11 - Building pressures, Best of Twitter

Building pressures

[Re: The Greenbelt sacred cow: It pens in the poor for no environmental gain, Monday]

It is not only Greenbelt land that is being wasted. There is so much scope for Brownfield development in London. Bishopsgate Goods Yard – a 10 acre plot by Shoreditch that has sat derelict for 50 years – is finally to be replaced by 2,000 new homes and two 55-storey towers. Grosvenor has bought a former biscuit factory site in Bermondsey, which will be used for a further 800 properties. The government should scrap Help to Buy, which is just stoking a housing bubble, and make more of this Brownfield land available to to boost housebuilding.

Name withheld

The low quality of a lot of modern development is itself a consequence of planning restrictions. If the price of land is pushed up to such ridiculous levels, homebuilders are forced to make savings elsewhere.

Kristian Niemietz

[Re: Do not assume that an interest rate rise would be bad for the economy, yesterday]

Well put. Now that growth has returned, we must be concerned with its sustainability. The Bank should ensure stable long-term policy, not short-term booms powered by monetary methadone.

Mark Franklin

Interest rates are too low. Forward guidance is looking backwards. Bank is repeating past mistakes.

Italian economy has contracted for nine successive quarters. GDP has contracted by 4.8 per cent.

Worryingly for France in the third quarter: Exports relapsed whereas imports remained on a rising trend.

Director at Siemens highlights only 8 per cent of engineers are women in the UK: lowest in Europe.