Letters to the Editor - 14/11 - Greenbelt, Premier league bid, Best of Twitter


[Re: The Greenbelt sacred cow: It pens in the poor for no environmental gain, yesterday]

I agree 100 per cent with the author. Support for the Greenbelt is strong among those over 60. In many cases, these people bought property between the 1960s and 1980s, when prices were often below £50,000 in today’s money. Young people now can only dream of owning their own home, and either have to extend their stay with parents or pay ever-increasing rents. Even the lucky ones that get a chance to own their own home will be saddled with a huge mortgage for a very long time. Removing the Greenbelt would be part of the answer.

Name Withheld


Premier league bid

[Re: Premier League bids to hit £5bn: War between BSkyB and BT set to escalate, yesterday]

Some will complain that increased TV football revenues will inflate player wages even further. But it is worth pointing out that fans are likely to benefit as well. Previous sudden increases in club revenues have resulted in large investments in new stadia, helping to increase capacity and – in some cases – stop ticket prices rising as much as they would have done otherwise. Clubs will also be able to invest more in developing youth talent. This should eventually help a English national side that has hardly surrounded itself in glory.

Matthew Connolly


Youth unemployment claimants now a fifth lower than at the election – from 423,000 to 333,000.

Latest emerging markets acronym – MINTs. Mexico, Indonesia, Nigeria and Turkey, by Jim O’Neill.

Spain’s annual change in CPI in October is -0.1 per cent, four-tenths below previous month.

Wages have now been falling in real terms for four years. Uncharted waters.