10 energy efficiency gadgets

Never mind the price hikes with these nifty gizmos

British Gas App Free
The British Gas App for iOS and Android makes it easy to keep on top of your energy consumption and payments. It's never been simpler to submit your meter readings, view your balance, track your energy usage or book an engineer.
play.google.com or ­­itunes.apple.com

Drip Detective App Free
Drip Detective for iPhone and iPad lets you know the true cost of your leaky taps. Tap the screen four times in sync with the dripping appliance and it tells you how much water you’re wasting and how much extra you’re paying for it.

Radiator Booster MK3 £24.99
The Radiator Booster’s fan system helps you get the most out of your central heating by circulating the air more efficiently and stopping heat getting lost in the wall. All you have to do is position it on top of a radiator and plug it in.

Battery Wizzard £19.99
Do you have a load of used up batteries knocking around in a draw somewhere? Bring tham back to life with the Battery Wizard. At only £19.99 it will soon pay for itself.

Wattson Energy Monitor £132.00
DIY Kyoto’s Wattson Energy Monitor shows how much energy you are using in your house at any given time. If your consumption is low it glows blue, if it’s high it glows red. It may be pricey but you’ll save in the long run.

Eco Kettle £29.99
There are plenty of energy saving kettles out there but few boast a seal of approval from the Energy Saving Trust. In independent trials the Eco Kettle achieved up to 60 per cent savings on energy. And it’s not bad looking either.

BioBulb £9.95
The BioBulb has an equivalent output of 100W using just 25W of power. It is also good for sufferers of SAD as it replicates the sun, offering the entire spectrum of light.

Eco Button £12.99
Press the Ecobutton to easily put your computer into the most energy efficient power saving mode available. If you leave your computer unattended it gently glows, reminding you to press it.

Standby Buster £18.99 for three plugs + remote
Also recommended by the Energy Saving Trust is the Standby Buster, a plug that allows you to turn off standby via a handy remote control. Independent judges claim it could save £40 per year.

Bisque Tetro Radiator £708.00
Aluminium appliances are often considered a cheaper, less attractive option, but these beautiful retro Bisque radiators are as stylish as they are fuel efficient. Lightweight with a good output.