Business crowd awarded with Geldof’s rant

BOB GELDOF, former Boomtown Rats singer and anti-poverty campaigner, spoke about the role of business in society at the National Business Awards in London last night

Geldof did not appear to feel pressured to play to the audience, saying that the leadership of the business community was vital, “when it’s not at its filthiest self, as we’ve watched in the past four years”.

One Twitter user added that Geldof had predicted “a catastrophic collapse of the old order in business on the scale of World War One”.

Prime Minister David Cameron provided a video address to the awards, promoting the virtues of a strong private sector. However, Geldof seemed less than enamoured with the Prime Minister, suggesting that the UK had a lack of “tangible political leadership in this moment of confusion”, adding that he did not blame any politician specifically.

Thomas Cook’s Harriet Green took the top spot, winning the leader of the year award, emerging victorious from a public vote and a ballot of 40 chief executives and other business experts.