Letters to the Editor - 13/11 - Listing rules, Greenbelt, Best of Twitter

Listing rules

[Re: New listing rules protect investors and safeguard London’s open markets, yesterday]

Elements of the new listing rules may help to prevent scandals involving poor corporate governance. But there is a danger that, by singling out companies controlled by majority shareholders for added scrutiny, we drive away future flotations. Many of the world’s biggest and best-run businesses have large, individual shareholders – Microsoft, Amazon, BMW and Google included. We must ensure that the implementation of these new rules does not damage London’s standing for new issues.

Ken Boothe



[Re: The Greenbelt sacred cow: It pens in the poor for no environmental gain, yesterday]

The author is spot on, and defenders of the Greenbelt should pay attention. Whatever groups like the Campaign for the Protection of Rural England come out with about the value of agriculture, they ignore the effects of restricting the growth of our cities. The 1947 Town and Country Planning Act was a spiteful piece of legislation, designed to prevent the success of nearly two decades of home building in the 1920s and 1930s. Back then, three bedroom semis were built and sold for less than £40,000 in today’s money.

Name Withheld


One swallow does not a summer make. Inflation fall to 2.2 per cent welcome, but should be averaging 2.

I expect UK economy to gather momentum this year, up 2 per cent and grow strongly next. Rates rise 2015.

ONS: September house prices up 3.8 per cent. London up 9.4; rest of UK 2.1. Outside London, no price boom.

Renewables receive three times subsidies per energy unit as fossil fuels. But we shouldn’t subsidise either.