Wine with oysters? Here are five of the best

Ranald Macdonald, owner of Boisdale at Canary Wharf, chooses the perfect pairings for his Rock and Native Oysters

Bouzeron Aligote 2009
Racy and lemony with plenty of depth and structure, this wine goes down well with the soft texture and gentle flavour of native oysters.
Price: £15.40

Blanc de Blancs, Diebolt Vallois
This light, crisp, refreshing style of Champagne from the Cotes des Blanc has a high acidity level that serves to enliven rock oysters.
Price: £24.92

Albizzia Chardonnay di Toscana 2011
The complex citrusy notes of ripe lemon, kiwi and golden apple with tropical fruits like pineapple and passion fruit complement native oysters.
Price: £10.27

Sancerre Cuvee Cailottes 2010
A Sauvignon Blanc with aromas of gooseberry, sweet herbs, apple blossom, hay, green olive and sweet grass that works well with rock oysters.
Price: £14.37

Montlouis Les Dix Arpents 2012
This Chenin Blanc from the Loire region is perfect with rock oysters as the high acidity in the wine breaks down the creamy texture of the oysters.
Price: £12.40