Vodafone set to spend £150m on London network

Oliver Smith
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VODAFONE is expected to announce a boost to its mobile network in London tomorrow with details of a massive £150m investment to double its 3G capacity and reduce the number of dropped calls in the capital.

Alongside its first-half results, the firm will announce details of its so-called Project Metropolis, a plan to increase the number of masts by 30 per cent and extend the network’s 4G coverage. The investment will come as part of Vodafone’s £6bn Project Spring investment in its European networks, funded with the proceeds from Vodafone’s £84bn sale of its stake in Verizon Wireless in September.

The £150m will be in addition to Vodafone’s annual £900m capital expenditure on its UK network. It is unclear whether Project Spring will see Vodafone increase its annual UK investment as a whole.

Last week Vodafone came under criticism from Ofcom for failing to meet its 90 per cent coverage target for 3G by June. In a statement Vodafone said it would ensure that its network reached compliant levels by the end of 2013.