MVF expands into expat travel service with MoveHub startup

Oliver Smith
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BRITAIN’S fastest growing technology company MVF is moving into the international travel market with the launch of MoveHub, an online travel marketplace which aims to offer expats access to information.

“Our aim is for MoveHub to become the TripAdvisor for people looking to move abroad. People will have all the information they need to make sensible decisions about their international move,” said MVF chief executive Titus Sharpe.

The new service, which is currently in a limited trial, will launch on 14 November with data on over 200 cities including moving guides, a shipping cost calculator and an ask the expat Q & A service.

“As part of MVF’s growth strategy we are always looking for emerging fast-growth markets. The international moves market looks set to grow three per cent per annum over the next 30 years so it is a very exciting sector to be entering,” added Sharpe.

MVF, which helps businesses acquire customers online, was named the fastest growing technology company in the UK by The Sunday Times in September, with sales up an average of 289 per cent every year for the past three years.

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