Review: How John Lewis has used a bear and a hare to lure in Xmas trade

Kasmira Jefford
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WITH just one John Lewis product used in the whole advert – an alarm clock given to a bear by a hare so that he can wake up from hibernation to enjoy Christmas – its keenly awaited Christmas advert appears at first glance oddly non-commercial.

But by deciding to use animation and a simple tale of friendship between a hare and a bear to drive customers to its stores this Christmas, it has cleverly constructed a commercial theme. The characters can and will be merchandised into Christmas products – from fluffy teddybears to cuddly bunnies and other such memorabilia.

Inevitably, the simple tale of friendship alongside a song from Keane sung by Lilly Allen will tug at the heart strings. But more importantly for John Lewis it’ll make people think of them when they set out to do their Christmas shopping.

John Lewis has achieved what it set out to do. It has created a story, while also weaving in a carefully cloaked marketing strategy that not only reminds customers of “the excitement of a first Christmas”, as marketing director Craig Inglis said, but also drives them through its doors in search of the merchandise.

And hopefully pick up the rest of their christmas shopping.