Any other business - 07/11

FOXTONS disappointed many a financial public relations firm when it floated successfully in September without their assistance.

But the estate agency chain, which yesterday issued an interim statement highlighting flat sales, might be having a rethink. “It’s early days but we’re gauging whether we might need something,” chief financial officer Gerard Nieslony told The Capitalist. Don’t all call at once.

■ BRIXTON could be one of the biggest tourist hotspots in the world – if only it would get its online presence right. Google’s UK travel head, Sarah McDonald, told the World Travel Market in London yesterday that “big emotional stories” on travel websites can make or break a destination. “Websites that use video content such as Airbnb make Brixton look more interesting than Santorini,” she claimed.

Now, The Capitalist is partial to an afternoon sampling the markets and various drinking holes of south London. But currently the top YouTube videos involving Brixton include footage of the 1980s riots and a version of The Clash’s “Guns of Brixton”. So there might be a flaw in McDonald’s strategy here.