Letters to the Editor - 07/11 - Short memories, HS2 alternatives, Best of Twitter

Short memories

[Re: There is sadly mass support for nationalisation and price controls, Tuesday]

I wonder if the supporters of nationalisation ever tried to get a phone line installed in the 1970s. Have they compared energy prices now with rates back then, adjusted for inflation? Are they aware that the state monopolies made substantial operating deficits because they had too many employees and were inefficient? I can only assume that they were not born or too young to experience those days, because it would be difficult to sustain support for nationalisation with a clear memory of them.

Name Withheld


HS2 alternatives

[Re: Experts pour cold water on HS2 benefits, yesterday]
The recently published Atkins report states that, by upgrading the existing West Coast Main Line and Pendolino trains, Liverpool and Manchester can be reached from London in approximately one hour and 43 minutes, and one hour and 46 minutes respectively. HS2 trains would enter Liverpool in one hour and 38 minutes. Why are we building this vanity project which offers so few benefits? By the day, data comes up that legitimately castigates the scheme. HS2 is not suited to the UK, with its close clusters of cities.

John Burns


Even by the Bank of England’s flawed logic, the time is surely coming to raise interest rates?

18 to 24 year-olds are least likely to support government setting energy, food prices or rent.

Another sign of disinflation in Spain as output prices continued to fall in the services PMI report.

New York City takes a left turn. My concerns: stalled education reform? Less effective policing?