Five next-gen console games to look forward to

Knack | PS4
Knack is published by Sony and was made in cooperation with legendary game designer Mark Cerny. The plot is based on a war between mankind and Goblins. Knack is a peculiar creature with mysterious powers – and he’s on the humans’ side. It’s an action platform extravaganza.

The Order 1886 | PS4
Mystery surrounds The Order: 1886, but from the small amount publisher Sony has revealed, it’s a steampunk adventure with knights, kings and a round table. Humans are locked in an epic battle with a load of bestial half-humans. Only industrialisation can help the humans.

The Division | PS4 and Xbox One
This third person tactical shooter is appearing on both Xbox One and the PS4. Based on a real-life simulation of a small pox epidemic carried out by US academics in 2001, the game’s protagonists are enlisted as agents called upon to save the human race from a mysterious disease.

Forza 5 | Xbox One
Forza Motorsport 5, DriveClub and The Crew are the three big next generation racer launches but it’s Forza 5 we’re most excited about. It features 180 cars from over 50 manufacturers along with seven real-life racetracks (including Silverstone) and a few fictional ones.

Halo 5 | Xbox One
Microsoft has been hush hush about the release of Halo 5, but reading between the lines it looks like we’re in for a treat. In the trailer, a mysterious hooded figure is seen walking over snowy terrain. Word on the street says its the master chief. Good enough for us...