Boris calls for quicker action on new runways

Marion Dakers

LONDON mayor Boris Johnson has urged the government to end its “gelatinous indecision” on new airport runways, but added that to expand Heathrow would be “politically toxic”.

He used his speech at the CBI to warn ministers that any delay to building air capacity is costing companies international business.

“It is time to stop dithering, assemble our finest engineers and build a multi runway hub airport to the east of London. It is the only feasible location and the only solution that would be of long term benefit to our economy,” he said.

A government aviation commission is due to report on the best way to beef up UK airports after the 2015 General Election. Meanwhile David Cameron spoke out in favour of HS2 but said the new chair of the rail route, Sir David Higgins, must “drive every bit of cost out of this that we can”.