Londoners must install water smart meters under new plans

Suzie Neuwirth
LONDON households will have to install smart meters to cut down the amount of water they use, under a new proposal from utility firm Thames Water.

The scheme, which is starting in Bexley, south east London, aims to encourage customers to reduce their water use, with the capital described as “seriously water-stressed” by the Environment Agency. However, there are concerns that the move will raise, or even double, bills as most Londoners currently pay a flat fee for their water based on the value of their house.

Thames Water says that its London customers use a third more water than they did 30 years ago and that smart meters will help them reduce consumption and cut down their bills.

Thames Water – which operates in London and the Thames Valley region – wants all its customers on smart meters by 2030.

It said that people in London use 10 per cent more water than people in the rest of the UK.