Any other business - 04/11

London’s 2012 Olympic games and the sporting success enjoyed by the likes of Andy Murray and Mo Farah this summer may have recaptured the nation’s enthusiasm for sport. However acting on it is a different matter. New research shows that 41 per cent of Londoners are so unhealthy that they are left out of breath running for the bus, never mind picking up a tennis racket. The poll of 2,000 people commissioned by LA Fitness to mark the launch of its new gym LAX in St Boltoph’s, found that just a quarter of workers were exercising regularly while the average respondent could only manage five press-ups and nine sit ups. Just over half said that their fitness level directly had an impact on their confidence levels. Of those 18 per cent admitted that their exercise regime was non-existent while 28 per cent said it was, at best, occasional. Walking up the stairs to the office, cleaning and gardening were all listed as ways Londoners get out of breath. Phew! It’s enough to make The Capitalist need a lie down.