Lidl launches first television Christmas ad

Kasmira Jefford
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LIDL has launched its very first UK national TV campaign promoting its luxury range as the first-growing discount chain looks to win more middle-class shoppers from its larger rivals in the Christmas rush.

The adverts, which go live today, will feature products from Lidl’s deluxe range, including mulled wine, whole cooked lobster and Serrano ham.

Discounters Lidl and Aldi have been grabbing record market share from the mainstream big four supermarkets including Tesco, as cash-strapped customers continue seek out bargains.

Lidl, which has over 600 stores across the UK, doubled its Deluxe range last year after sales increased 200 per cent year-on-year, claiming to have attracted more affluent shoppers.

“We’ve had a huge increase in the number of customers coming through our doors because people are realising that they don’t need to shop anywhere else for Christmas,” managing director Ronny Gottschlich said.

Meanwhile Aldi will open its 500th store, in Suffolk, today after opening 34 new stores last year and adding one million more shoppers.