Tories call for sponsored loos to cut TfL fares

LONDONERS face another fare rise announcement this month – but Conservative assembly members at City Hall reckon they can cut fares and improve your commute.

Their solution? Get sponsors for everything. And we mean everything: from TV screens to station lifts and even toilets.

“It is ludicrous that TfL is currently splashing out millions of pounds of taxpayers’ money on expensive projects without even considering bringing in the private sector to help foot the bill,” thunders Gareth Bacon, the Tory leader on the London Assembly.

Bacon was initially ridiculed this summer when he suggested renaming underground stations could raise up to £136m a year.

But despite fierce opposition from TfL, Mayor Boris Johnson has since shown interest in the idea, pushing it up the agenda.

What next? The Capitalist quite fancies sponsoring whole Tube lines. And if we find a few quid, we’d like to see you reading this paper on the Waterloo & City A. M. line.