Transport bosses in stay-at-home storm

READERS that chose to stay at home rather than face the chaos that was the St Jude storm yesterday were in excellent company.

Several witnesses due in front of the House of Commons transport committee, including representatives of British Airways, Heathrow, Gatwick and the Local Government Association, were unable to show up. Even some of the MPs were stuck in the storm, leaving their panel seats empty.

The topic of the hearing? The winter resilience of Britain’s transport network.

Meanwhile, early risers at Old Street were greeted by the bizarre sight of a 10m-wide beachball bouncing around the roundabout, having come loose from its moorings at the top of a Derwent London development site at around 6.30am.

The ball was meant to represent CO2 savings from the planned office tower. Sadly it went the way of a property bubble, and burst before the morning rush hour was over.