Get fit for free

Corporate London is looking healthier than ever but while your company is fit for business ... are you and your colleagues? In a unique partnership with London’s newest, cutting-edge fitness club LAX St. Botolph’s, we’re searching for five City workers to join us on a fitness journey. Nominate yourself, a colleague, manager or even director for this once in a lifetime opportunity to join for free the City’s largest dedicated fitness club and train with the LAX crew to help motivate and inspire you to achieve your health and fitness goals. We’re looking for male and female candidates, between 20-60 who are determined to get fitter and have a specific goal in mind whether it be to lose weight, change shape, tone up or simply be the best they can be! We will then select five candidates to go on a fitness journey over the next four months with LAX St Botolph’s who have a team dedicated to helping you with the right exercise and nutritional plans to achieve the results you want. The five selected will be required to train twice a week at St Botolph’s LAX for four months and supply a weekly update on their progress which will be documented online. The rest of the year will be free at LAX for our fantastic five. Lacking motivation? The whole of London will be behind you!

If you would like to take part please email with your name, contact number, age, sex, weight and the last time you took exercise. LAX St Botolph’s opens its doors on Monday 28 October and is the City’s largest dedicated fitness club. See for yourself at