Letters to the Editor - 23/10 - Nuclear costs, Best of Twitter

Nuclear costs

[Re: Nuclear deal to cost £1bn, yesterday]

The proposed cost of Hinkley nuclear plant, and the fact it will not be in working order until 2023, shows that Ed Davey’s plans have failed to address our short-term energy crisis and the issue of power running out by 2015. There should be a focus on investment in reducing energy consumption, rather than subsidising excessive use in the future. Not only are there existing technologies available to us, like LED energy efficient lighting and solar technology, but energy consumption through lighting is highly inefficient. It accounts for 19 per cent of UK energy usage, with up to 75 per cent wasteful. A switch to energy efficient LED lighting would mean a dramatic reduction in consumption, carbon emissions and resources across UK businesses.

Derek Duffill, chief executive, Energy Works

[Re: Corporatism, rigged markets and a new ideological showdown, yesterday]

Excellent article. I despair that we’re unlikely to ever see real capitalism or indeed social democracy. It may be convenient to blame Labour for the green rules, for example, but the current Conservative-led coalition is guilty of sustaining them. I can’t see a single politician with the courage to challenge the status quo.

Name withheld



London housing bubble is mad, bad and dangerous. Destroys chances for newcomers.

Fall in UK public borrowing in September and healthy tax receipts bode well for Q3 growth figure.

Next month’s jobs number likely to be depressed by US shutdown. December taper looks less likely.

It’s irresponsible to impose a windfall tax on energy companies. It’s our money you’d rake in.