Letters to the Editor - 22/10 - UK tech failures, Cost of nuclear, Best of Twitter

UK tech failures

[Re: UK efforts to nurture a tech startup revolution are worryingly trivial, yesterday]

The world laughs at our abject failure to build global tech companies. Sadly Tech City will go the way of other innovation initiatives like the Cabinet Office’s Skunkworks, the Innovation Launch Pad, the Solutions Exchange and ICT Futures, which have all failed to deliver on their easy political claims.

David Chassels

If we had our own Facebook, it would probably have moved to the US to get anywhere – just like David Richards’s WANDisco.

Richard Durrant


Cost of nuclear

[Re: We are signing up to decades of over-priced electricity. Why?, yesterday]

Good question. The development of shale gas in the US will more than likely unhinge the prospect that high energy prices are here to stay. Meanwhile, we commit to an expensive long-term nuclear deal, and continue to inflict inefficient windmills on the countryside, while dithering over our own considerable shale reserves. Here, and in the rest of Europe, household energy costs have already become too great to bear for millions of people. And the problem is equally serious for many businesses – especially in manufacturing.

Name withheld



All-time highs in US stock market, but don’t forget what is happening in the rest of the world.

Hinkley Point to produce very expensive electricity. Madness of our go-it-nearly-alone energy policies.

Kensington & Chelsea average house price £2.41m in October. 9.2 per cent increase year-on-year.

More evidence of institutionalised inflation in the UK as nPower raises gas and electricity prices.