Five apps to keep the mind on track

Focus Time £2.99
Focus Time is simple. Choose a task to complete, start a timer and work until it goes off. Take a short break, then start the process again. With short 25 minute bursts of attention, that To Do list will be ticked off in no time.

Clear £2.99
Speaking of To Do lists, you’ll make the most beautiful one you’ve ever seen with Clear. Forget biro scrawls on crumpled post-its; Clear organises all your uncompleted tasks into smart, colour-coded lists. Just swipe to tick something off. Create separate lists for work, shopping, and personal goals.

MindNode £6.99
If the very mention of the word “mind map” gives you painful flashbacks to cramming for exams, MindNode is sure to replace your faith in the spider diagram. Featured as the App Store Best of 2012, it makes it easy to brainstorm, turning vague half-thoughts into brilliant ideas.

Mailbox Free
Overwhelmed by your expanding list of unread emails? Mailbox is a completely redesigned inbox that makes emails easy to navigate and organise. Quickly swipe emails to your archive or trash, and easily mark out important ones to read later. No longer will you worry about important messages slipping through the net.

CloudOn Free
Tweak that presentation or edit that briefing on the way to work with CloudOn, the app that allows you to make and modify Microsoft Word, Office, Excel and PowerPoint documents on the go. You can also connect to your Dropbox and Google Drive accounts – no moment is wasted with CloudOn.