Spurs launch fan consultation into ending of Y-word chants

ALL SEASON ticket holders and Tottenham club members have been invited to take part in a survey to share their views on the use of the so-called “Y-word” during matches.

Spurs fans have been urged in recent months by the Football Association and the Metropolitan Police to cease using the word they first adopted as a term of affection in the 1970s to help end offensive anti-Semetic chanting emanating from opposition supporters.

Police said they would arrest any supporter who used the term ‘yid” or “yido” during the home match with London rivals West Ham earlier this month, however only a single arrest was made on the day, in the home end, despite mass chanting.

Independent research company Populus is conducting the exercise on behalf of Spurs, who say this should “in no way be considered an isolated piece of work” and that talks with the Premier League and police would continue.

Supporters have been emailed a link to the survey and have until 25 October to complete it.