Snookering the housing market

DESPITE widespread scepticism around George Osborne’s Help to Buy scheme, the chancellor could be forgiven for not expecting his most recent critic’s comments.

In a break from training for his upcoming Chinese tournament, five-time and current snooker world champion Ronnie O’Sulllivan took to Twitter, voicing a strong criticism of the UK’s housing market.

“The new housing bubble in this country will again turn into a huge crash... Baby it’s coming.”

He added: “Refuse debt refuse 90 per cent mortgages,” heavily implying that he is no fan of the rushed start to the government’s Help to Buy scheme of mortgage guarantees.

O’Sullivan also suggested that his 175,500 Twitter followers can look forward to more interventions on the subject: “Right no more talking snooker... Only gonna talk running and financial terrorism.” Osborne’s 63,200 Twitter followers are yet to hear his rebuttal.