Letters to the Editor - 18/10 - EU trade falsehoods, Uncertain investors, Best of Twitter

EU trade falsehoods

[Re: The EU debate is critical for business, Wednesday]

Helen Brand is wedded to the false argument that EU membership equals jobs. Trade creates jobs, and EU membership is not essential for it to continue. The UK now exports more to the rest of the world than to the EU, enjoying job-creating trade surpluses with Australia, Saudi Arabia and the US. In comparison, the UK has a huge trade deficit with the EU. To think the EU would put up barriers to trade with the UK, jeopardising its own industries and jobs, is unrealistic.

Rory Broomfield, deputy director, The Freedom Association


Uncertain investors

Tim Goldfinch could not be further from the truth, by saying some investors see Britain leaving the EU as inconsequential. The question I’m most frequently asked in India is: “is the UK serious about leaving the EU?” Investors are concerned about the risks, and many will either not invest in the UK, or are delaying their decisions to do so, while uncertainty continues. It is difficult to persuade foreign investors that the noises being made by the Prime Minister are only intended for domestic consumption, playing to the gallery in response to Ukip gains.

Teja Picton-Howell, solicitor (England and Wales) and advocate (Oman)



British Gas raise prices by 9.2 per cent, whereas since January 2008 average wages have risen by 9.5.

Energy prices are high because of public policy. So change public policy. Scrap the renewables targets.

Gold is fast becoming an excitable risk asset. Losing its safe haven status.

UK retail sales up 1.5 per cent in third quarter. Best since first quarter of 2008 (second best in nine years).