Clubs told to follow suit and slash prices

Frank Dalleres
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SUPPORTERS have urged all Premier League clubs to follow suit after Newcastle, Swansea, West Brom and Hull struck reciprocal deals to cut ticket prices for away fans.

Newcastle have agreed to reduce their cheapest away ticket for visiting Swansea and West Brom fans on the basis that they return the favour. The Swans have a similar deal in place with Hull.

“This is a significant breakthrough in turning the concept of affordable prices for away fans into a reality,” said Football Supporters’ Federation chief executive Kevin Miles.

“Newcastle, West Brom and Swansea are to be commended for taking a lead in this area. We would urge all other Premier League clubs to follow the lead of these clubs, both by taking up this offer and by extending similar arrangements to other fixtures too.”

The move comes after top-flight clubs were each given £200,000 to subsidise travelling fans. Manchester United have knocked £4 off the cost of away tickets for their fans, while Arsenal and Chelsea have taken similar steps. Fulham are providing free travel and cheaper away tickets.