Letters to the Editor - 17/10 - Housing standards, Best of Twitter

Housing standards

[Re: Gold-plated rules stop Londoners getting the homes they most want, yesterday]

The Create Streets team can rest assured that the mayor’s aim to raise design standards for housing in London is by no means”‘gold plating”, nor is it blocking the building of terraced housing. The London Design Guide is reversing the trend for some of the smallest homes in Europe being built in London. While reducing the number of design codes imposed on developers from around 300 to 70 core standards, it has made larger room sizes mandatory, encouraged more light through dual aspect and more open space. It has also strengthened protection for back gardens. The London Plan includes the sort of developments proposed by Create Streets but, crucially, in the right places. It also provides scope for other forms, so that new housing can respect local character and make the best use of scarce land, as well as being related to public transport. This is the most realistic way of tackling Londoners’ housing needs by building more homes and creating well-designed neighbourhoods. We believe passionately in higher design standards, conforming to traditional street patterns. But this has to be promoted through a single framework that works across London.

Richard Blakeway, deputy mayor for housing, land and property, and Sir Edward Lister, chief of staff and deputy mayor for planning



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