Plans hatched to stage US PGA Championship outside America

Frank Dalleres
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AMERICAN golf chiefs are exploring proposals to stage the US PGA Championship outside of the United States on a regular basis.

The Professional Golfers’ Association (PGA) of America said the tournament, one of the sport’s four Majors, could be taken overseas from 2020.

“This is an exercise we are going through, an analysis,” said PGA of America chief executive Pete Bevacqua.

“We need to push ourselves to think outside the box. What I have said internally is: ‘Shame on us if we don’t consider it and go through the exercise’.”

Bevacqua said the proposals were to take the US PGA Championship on tour “once or twice a decade”, but insisted it was “far from a fait accompli”.

The tournament is the season’s last Major and traditionally held in mid-August, four weeks after the Open Championship.

The Open is held in Britain and as such is the only one of the big four not staged in the US.

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