Letters to the Editor - 11/10 - Renewable energy, US debt ceiling, Best of Twitter

Renewable energy

[Re: Our energy crisis, like America’s debt ceiling, is self inflicted, Tuesday]

The core issue with many renewables is that they’re only available when the wind blows or the sun shines. This often takes place when energy is not needed in large quantities. They are extremely unreliable, and expensive.

James H Rust

Wind has a load factor of 25 per cent and solar – as well as being unworkable 50 per cent of the time – has a load factor of 11 per cent. That’s no way to run an industrial economy.

Name withheld


US debt ceiling

[Re: US debt ceiling division may be the harbinger of greater crises to come, yesterday]

Another great column from John Hulsman. Many Americans must be starting to feel like they’re in a 1960s time warp.

Name withheld

While John Hulsman is right to point out the many intractable, cultural differences between the two sides, thankfully many Americans seem to care enough about the national interest not to let these factional disputes cause a terrifying default. Progress is now being made.

Bruce Masters



YouGov: 38 per cent say Cameron-led government better at managing economy. 23 say Miliband.

Why should those who applied for £10,000 of Royal Mail shares get none, rather than £750 worth?

It’s clear the Royal Mail sell off is being organised to benefit the modest investor.

UK institutionalised inflation, like rising energy prices, is toxic – especially for our poorest citizens.