HS2 minister to drive Goodwill

October 10, 2013, 01:40am

ALL aboard the ever-changing payroll at the Department for Transport. The department yesterday announced the roles of Baroness Kramer and Robert Goodwill, who joined the office as part of this week’s government reshuffle.

Kramer, a former Lib Dem MP for the London constituency of Richmond Park, will have the northern legs of High Speed 2 in her remit, while northern MP Goodwill will oversee the southern portion of the route.

While the decision seems topsy turvy, there’s a lot of sense in picking Goodwill to look after a train track. A keen heritage rail aficionado, he even owns an eponymous steam lorry in his Scarborough and Whitby constituency.

Robert Goodwill (the lorry) might help the former government whip plough through the opposition when it comes to getting the HS2 bill through parliament.

And if that’s not enough controversy on his plate, Goodwill will also be responsible for aviation.


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