Four arrested in Britain over Silk Road trade

City A.M. Reporter
BRITAIN’S new crime body has overseen the arrest of four men suspected of being significant users of Silk Road, the anonymous online marketplace used to buy illegal drugs and criminal services that was shut down by US authorities last week.

The new National Crime Agency (NCA) said yesterday the four suspected drug offenders were detained hours after the FBI arrested Ross Ulbricht, the suspected creator of Silk Road also known as Dread Pirate Roberts.

The NCA, which became operational on Monday, warned there would be more arrests related to Silk Road in coming weeks.

It said it would spearhead a campaign against virtual currencies that pose a potential criminal threat to Britain, such as bitcoins.

These were used by Silk Road customers to buy and sell illegal goods and services, according to the FBI, which seized $3.6m (£2.2m) worth of the currency in its raid on Silk Road.