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On 5 December the NSPCC hosts its flagship City fundraising event, the Great British Chefs’ Dinner. The event is being held at Banqueting House and will raise funds for the charity’s groundbreaking ChildLine Schools Service. The Capitalist will be posing one question a week until 28 October and winners will receive a £50 voucher for breakfast at City restaurant, Hawksmoor.

Q: During the great Thames Frost Fairs of the 17th to the early 19th century, when the river used to freeze over on a relatively regular basis, gin was the served from myriad stalls. What food item was traditionally sold as an accompaniment to the spirit?

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Investors are so desperate for shares in Twitter’s forthcoming IPO that they’ve been buying shares in anything that resembles the popular social network. This includes, um, the bankrupt US electronics retailer Tweeter, which saw its shares jump 685 per cent on Friday before trading was halted at the heady highs of five cents a share. The confusion comes from their two ticker names – while Twitter intends to be listed under the name TWTR, the Tweeter shell company is still as listed as TWTRQ, prompting a rush to buy worthless shares. While software-only company Twitter is set to attract a valuation of over $10bn, Tweeter shut up shop in 2008 as consumers cut back their spending on hardware.