Letters to the Editor - 04/10 - Business growth, Stamp duty, Best of Twitter

Business growth

[Re: Cameron needs growth gazelles to bring life to his land of opportunity, yesterday]

The Prime Minister’s gazelles will find it difficult to leap with elephants in the room. Indeed, our recent research looked in depth at certain features of over 250 companies – around 54 per cent with no serious financial issues and the rest with a degree of challenge. Among the findings is the apparent fact that life is looking rosy for larger companies, with a substantial majority saying new lending is as good or better than this time last year. But worringly, the reverse is true for the mid-market.

Christine Elliot, Institute for Turnaround


Stamp duty

[Re: Boris to call for a cut to stamp duty in London, Wednesday]

Stamp duty needs to be cut throughout the UK, but unless there is a fair balance of housing supply to meet demand, reduction in stamp duty will further inflate house prices (in London), not help buyers.

Name withheld

Stamp duty is a counter-productive tax that hammers first-time buyers, ordinary families wanting to move, and those wanting to move to a new job. It chokes geographical mobility and economic movement. It must be cut.

Adam Thornton



Cheerful thought for US: when Belgium went without a government, it enjoyed unusually strong growth.

EU parliament votes to overturn cuts to EU budget. UK taxpayers will be delighted.

Russia takes the lead on Syria. US takes lead on oil and gas production. Works for us.

Italian services PMI – first rise in business activity in 28 months.