Crumbs! Cameron fails to use his loaf

DAVID Cameron may have been pilloried yesterday for failing LBC’s everyman test and admitting he didn’t know the price of sliced bread, but after using our loaves and doing a little investigative work, The Capitalist has a crumb of sympathy for the Prime Minister.

Whether one prefers artisan sourdough or tiger bread, the selection of yeasty treats on offer is enough to flummox even the keenest baker.

From Tesco’s 47p value loaf – the white sliced classic that the PM choked on – through Hovis wholemeal at £1.35 and a Gail’s Currant & Sour Cherry Sourdough at £3.20 (both Ocado) to the Artisan Organic Gluten Free Quinoa Bread (£8.49 at Planet Organic), it’s no wonder he was in knead of help.

But the most expensive loaf The Capitalist tracked down comes courtesy of Hobbs House bakery in Cameron’s beloved Cotswolds, where The Shepherds Loaf, a concoction of organic spelt flour, Cornish sea salt and water comes in at a cool £13 (or 26 Tesco loaves).

After the NFU warned last week that the worst wheat harvest since the early 1980s was likely to push up the price of bread, perhaps even the most passionate bread-lovers will choose to put their hard-earned dough somewhere else – wheat futures perhaps?