Letters to the Editor - 01/10 - Climate change, Fracking in Britain, Best of Twitter

Climate change

[Re: Global warming alarmism is no longer scientifically or politically sustainable, yesterday]

Excellent article. We should repeal the Climate Change Act, get rid of the EU’s renewable energy targets and subsidies, and introduce sensible energy policies, run by a sensible energy minister and Department for Energy.

Phillip Bratby

There’s nothing wrong with renewables. If they could compete without extortionate subsidies, there would be no objection – provided they don’t blight the countryside.

Name withheld


Fracking in Britain

[Re: The US is busy reinventing its future – the rest of the world isn’t so lucky, yesterday]

The economic and geopolitical arguments for shale should be sufficient for the UK to begin fracking. Thankfully, unlike the defunct museum that is Europe, here the anti-fracking lobby is not calling the shots. Let’s look forward to a future not reliant on capricious regimes like Putin’s Russia.

Dave MacLaren

Making progress on shale is one of the few achievements this government can hold to its name. A new Aberdeen could rise in Lancashire.

Tom Cleland



On housing: we need to address supply side issue, build more homes, and focus less on demand.

US seems more politically dysfunctional than the next three largest economies: China, Japan and Germany.

The new IPCC report isn’t about panic or catastrophe. It should make the climate debate more constructive.

The right way to tackle unemployment is to enable businesses to create sustainable jobs.