Letters to the Editor - 30/09 - Miliband’s price fix, Best of Twitter

Miliband’s price fix

[Re: We can bring down UK energy costs without Miliband's populist price fix, Thursday]
Ed Miliband's misguided proposal to place a cap on energy prices does not acknowledge the severe implications that will be felt across the UK energy sector. Miliband should instead encourage a multi layered approach, with a more open market that focuses on energy saving solutions, enabling businesses to use less power. By introducing tax breaks and incentives while increasing competition among suppliers, customers will have access to cheaper bills and more choice. Freezing prices will only guarantee before and after price hikes, while simultaneously driving down long-term energy investments from the Big Six and putting a halt to any advancements made in the green energy sector.

Harvey Sinclair, partner, Energy Works

[Re: Time is running out to save capitalism from the capitalists, Friday]
This article is spot on, but businesses have not just lost the PR war. Consumers have such a dim view of many large companies because of the appalling levels of service they receive. Corporation reputation management is about helping firms present their best face to the world. But PR can't help operationally rotten companies.

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£3bn for Royal Mail. If you don't like it, use the competition. We now have choice in a free market.

Coal prices have roughly halved since 2008. Clearly green polices are responsible for the recent hikes.

Just 27 per cent tell YouGov they think energy freeze would risk blackouts. 58 per cent think it wouldn't.

Government spending trends in US/Europe since 2010 don't suggest "austerity" to blame for weak growth.