Letters to the Editor - 27/09 - Lessons from Italy, Labour on housing, Best of Twitter

Lessons from Italy

[Re: Lessons from Italy: What happens when businesses are forced to move abroad, yesterday]

The same piece could have be written about France. Unfortunately, both France and Italy’s political elites – who are trained as civil service administrators and possess no business experience – are unlikely to heed the warnings.

Pierrick Moreaux

The exodus of Italian firms may start to translate ito an exodus of people at some point. With youth unemployment above 35 per cent (as high as 50 per cent in some towns), the prospects are bleak.

Gus Clarke


Labour on housing

[Re: How Labour can deliver on its pledge to tackle London’s housing drought, Wednesday]

It’s hard to know where to begin with Andrew Adonis’s piece, and with what Ed Miliband had to say about housing at the Labour Party conference. Miliband says he wants to build 200,000 new homes. But he failed to say where they would be built, who would be funding them, and what kinds of homes they’d be. Will they be privately funded? In which case, we need looser planning laws. Will they be built by councils? In which case, councils need to be able to borrow more. In housing, in particular, the devil is in the detail.

Name Withheld



Instead of private sector pay, why don’t MEPs try to control Eurocrat remuneration?

Outstanding value of loans to Greek businesses has shrunk for 7 months in a row. Must be the recovery.

Interesting. Ed Balls to ring fence health spending after 2015. Imitation is greatest form of flattery.

Good to see markets discounting Congress as much as Americans do.