Bottom Line: Mass appeal keeps tablet on fire

Elizabeth Fournier

AMAZON’S new range of tablets give customers a lot of bang for their buck – twice the amount of memory of predecessors, three times the processing power, and access to tech support at the touch of a button on their 323 pixels per inch screens.

It’s an impressive set of upgrades for a product that the internet giant sells at cost price – relying on revenues from ebooks, music and games downloads to make the outlay worthwhile.

But that’s exactly why keeping the technology at the top of its game it so important. If a piece of hardware doesn’t work, is difficult to navigate or looks bad then noone will use it. If it looks and feels great, and offers interactive support the moment a problem occurs, they’ll never put it down.

That’s what Amazon is relying on. It’s a risky strategy, but one that looks more than likely to pay off.