Stay ‘Appy: five of the best iO7 apps

Citymapper FREE
Forget Googlemaps, Citymapper is the ultimate transport app for London. It's easy to use, utterly comprehensive and a lifesaver when you're out late and unsure of how to get home. Essential for Londoners.

Runkeeper FREE
Who needs a personal trainer when you've got a smartphone? Getting fit doesn't seem so impossible when you can track your progress. Use the GPS in your phone to monitor runs, bike rides and hikes.

Evernote FREE
Post-its and scrawled to-do lists are a thing of the past. Evernote aids memory and productivity by helping you create lists, voice memos and to-do lists. And everything is recorded in a super-useful searchable format.

Shazam FREE
If you're out and about and you hear an unfamiliar song you like, just hold Shazam up to the speakers and it'll send you back the name of a track. No longer will you have to suffer the embarrassment of asking.

Sky Guide £1.49
This guide to the night sky is beautifully presented and easy to use. All you have to do is hold it up and it recognises the particular segment of sky that it's facing.