Latest polls put Labour eight points ahead

DESPITE a cold shoulder from business groups on plans for corporation tax, Ed Miliband’s Labour party still commands a sizeable lead in many polls.

Yougov’s most recent poll, conducted between Sunday and Monday, found that Labour have an eight-percentage point lead, scooping up a full 40 per cent of the popular vote.

The Conservatives lag behind, with the support of 32 per cent of voters. The sizeable gap between the parties indicates that Labour are frontrunners to win the 2015 general election.

Bookmakers Paddy Power are offering 5/4 odds that Labour will manage an overall majority of seats in the House of Commons, but only 3/1 for the Conservatives.

Despite poor personal ratings, Miliband’s party has led the vast majority of polls since early 2012. Respondents to Yougov also suggest a lukewarm appreciation the current government: only 29 per cent approve of the government’s performance so far, while 56 per cent disapprove.

Labour has garnered more public approval on education, health and unemployment than the Conservatives, who still lead on taxation, the economy in general and immigration.