BlackBerry’s still ripe for Monitise

SOME would think it inauspicious to launch a new product less than 24 hours after the struggling platform on which it depends is sold for a rock-bottom price.

But not the mobile payments firm Monitise, which proclaimed on the regulatory news service (RNS) yesterday that its peer-to-peer money transfer service is expanding its wares on BlackBerry Messenger (BBM).

A case of poor timing? Absolutely not, says the company’s spokesperson, pointing out that Monitise has updated the market several times in the last month alone on the fast-growing BBM Money services in Indonesia.

A success story that the prospective owners of BlackBerry Messenger’s parent company would do well to remember, as they try to forget about the delays plaguing the service’s rollout across rival handsets. No word from Fairfax yet on when Android and Apple users will be able to enjoy the messenging app.