Letters to the editor - 24/09 - German results, Shady chancellor, Best of Twitter

German results

[Re: What Germany’s shock election results mean for UK politics, yesterday]

I would go a lot further than saying that “David Cameron is no Angela Merkel”. In fact, the Prime Minister is quite the opposite of Merkel. He has no clear vision to offer voters, and his personal popularity is a shadow of Merkel’s. I cannot envisage any real circumstances where this might change, but our mainstream media is not interested in real circumstances. If it were, then perhaps Cameron, Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband would not be leading their respective parties in the first place.

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Shady chancellor

[Re: Forget Miliband: Today Ed Balls will define the terms of the next election, yesterday]

If Ed Balls will define the terms of the next election, prepare for politics to get nastier. He’s a political streetfighter, who cut his teeth under Gordon Brown. But despite his obvious failings as a thinker, this might be a good thing. Under David Cameron and with Ed Miliband uninspiring, the right has been disunited, and could allow Labour to get in by the back door if Ukip voters remain disgruntled. What better than clear, and worrying, dividing lines over the economy and personality to re-unite the Conservative broad church.

Brian Morgan



A resounding victory for Merkel means more of the same for the Eurozone.

Merkel convinced more previous non-voters than SPD and AfD combined. Results, not rhetoric, win.

Ed Balls pretty much confirms that Labour will not be going ahead with HS2 if they’re elected in 2015.

Ed Balls pledges more spending – funded with cash he’s already promised to use on ten other things.