Club’s at risk of Financial Fair Play breaches

FIVE of Europe’s top clubs risk breaching Financial Fair Play regulations and could be expelled from Uefa competitions, according to its general secretary Gianni Infantino.

Rules state that club’s losses over three seasons must not exceed €45m (£37.9m) and those that do will face sanctions next summer, the most severe being a ban from either the Champions League or Europa League competitions.

FFP came into effect this year, but Infantino, who declined to name any of the clubs, believes the rules may already need amending.

Big-spending Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain are owned by states, as opposed to individuals, which Infantino fears could leave the original rules open to exploitation via lucrative sponsorship deals from companies with close links to the state-owned football clubs.

City, for example, are owned by Sheik Mansour, member of the ruling family of Abu Dhabi, and the state’s national airline Etihad Airways sponsor both the club’s kits and stadium.

Clubs in Europe have already begun legal challenges to FFP, with some arguing the legislation is not tight enough, but Infantino has moved to reassure them.

“When we established the rules there were some wealthy individuals who were financing clubs,” said Infantino.

“Now we have states coming in and this is a new phenomenon and has to be looked into.

“If somebody manages to spot the loophole or the regulation which we didn’t see, congratulations to him. We will amend the rules so it will not happen any more.”