Any other business - 18/09

Spread betting firm Spreadex hosted its annual golf day last week, and The Capitalist hears that it ended up being a knockout event in more ways than one. Traders from the spread betting company were entertaining clients at a prestigious golf club in Surrey, but the day didn’t go quite as smoothly as planned. The golfers were only a few holes down, when one of the bookmaker’s staff was knocked unconscious by a stray drive. And what was worse? The accident “held up play for close to an hour as an ambulance was called and paramedics tended to the injured party” one of the team told The Capitalist. Luckily our unlucky golfer was revived and the wayward ball didn’t cause any long term damage, except perhaps to his pride: “It was the only way he was going to be seeing birdies that day” a less than sympathetic co-worker joked afterwards.